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Consignment Steal :: Floral and Denim Dress

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What better place could there be to find clothing that might have been worn only once or twice and paid half or less of the original price? Of course, the answer is at a great consignment boutique! However, the idea of consignment shopping or wearing something second hand might be overwhelming for some people. I admit I was one of those people before I actually learned about consignment shopping. Personally, I find that consignment shopping is a great way to save a few bucks when you don’t have limitless bank account. Also, I love the idea of clothing recycling, at the same time, making some money from the items that you consigned. It’s definitely a win-win situation for the store owner, consignor and customer. That being said, do your homework on the consignment stores that you plan to visit. If you head to a right store, most likely you’ll find the merchandise so well cared for that you will never know it was worn before or some it wasn’t because the tag is still on. If you’re lucky enough, you might find designer merchandise at a great price.


It was my lucky day at The Wild Rose, one of my favourite local consignment store! Not only they carry a wide variety of consigned clothing, their customer service is exceptional. Beth and Emily, THANK YOU! Whenever I visit a consignment store, I don’t usually have anything in mind to purchase, it’s just purely browsing and whatever catch my eyes and fits me, it might end up in my closet.

DSC_2491I spotted this gorgeous floral and denim dress among other summer dresses that were gorgeously displayed.  It’s in my size and it’s from one of my favourite clothing designers, Rachel Roy.  I tried it on. Wow, it fits me to a T! This dress costs me $30.00 CAD.  Although the price is a little higher for a consigned item, but the price justifiable as it’s a designer item and the dress is in mint condition. It just so happens that found the same dress at The Hudson Bay outlet few days later. It’s on sale for $69 CAD, and the original price was around $100 CAD. So it’s definitely a steal!!!






Do you shop at consignment stores too, and what’s your thought about consignment shopping! Share it here and I would love to know! Cheers, Shin:)

~ Outfit ~

Dress: Rachel Rachel Roy (from The Wild Rose)

Heels: Arturo Chiang (old)

Clutch: Express (seen here)

Accessories: Ebay earrings, Folli Follie watch, Marc by Marc Jacob sunglasses