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Thank you so much to Christina for this lovey post! I bet everyone can’t wait to see her in this statement necklace! Congrats again, and thank you so much to all of you that participated in the giveaway. Hopefully I will have another soon:) XOXOXO Shin

IMG_9363About two weeks ago, I entered a giveaway contest on Shins blog. After doing the best I could to win this amazing necklace, I was picked out as the winner and now owner of this beautiful pink statement necklace! Thank you Shin, it is beauiful.

I also recommend everyone to take a look at her blog and follow her too if you liker her. I can tell you that she is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment, she has the most beautiful and colorful outfit posts. It’s sweet, chic and she has her own unique style. I can’t get enough of her outfits!


Can’t wait to wear this necklace on Saturday!

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GIveaway the L necklace

The lucky winner is CHRISTINA DANG from!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Thank you so much for all your participation!!!! Hopefully you’ll be the lucky one at my next giveaway contest!

Cheers, Shin


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GIveaway the L necklace

Do I need a reason for this amazing giveaway?! Not really, but I do have a few, because:

-it’s my very first giveaway 🙂

-it’s already been 3 months since I’ve started this blog!

-most important, I want to thank all my friends, family, readers, and followers for all your support! You guys are awesome! THANK YOU!!

The lucky winner will have a chance to win this stunning necklace from! It’s definitely a statement piece that will add some WOW factors to your outfit. I’ve wore the mint colour one HERE!

p/s: The necklace will be shipped directly from The Acccessory Report! TAR girls, thanks for taking care of the shipping which allowed me to do an international giveaway! Please visit their Facebook, Instagram and website!!!

Thanks again and good luck!

xoxoxo, Shin