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Business Casual :: Lace and Sequin

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DSC_2249Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you’re having a terrific week so far.

DSC_2261In the early days,  dressing for work was easy enough when business suits were the norm and the only colours that seem to be appropriate were the neutrals such as black, grey, brown, navy blue, tan and white. These days, we definitely have more choices and flexibility when it comes to work clothes, especially if your work place allows business casual attire. Being a fashionista myself, I always try to be creative when dressing for work, but still projects traits almost all employees should such as hard-working, professional, neat, or some variation on those themes. My mantra – keep it covered, neutral and classic!



DSC_2264Here’s an example of one of my favourite business casual outfit – combining neutral colours, classic clothing style such as pencil skirt and collard shirt and only showing appropriate amount of skin. The creative part that can be easily achieved is adding a pop of colour (try to use only one accent colour, and repeat it 2-3 times for a complete look) and/or choosing garments with different pattern or texture such as simple prints, lace or sequin. Be careful, don’t overdone it!!!








Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully you find it helpful! Have fun dressing for work or for any occasions!

~ Outfit ~

Blouse: Nic and Zoe (now 50% off)

Skirt: Moon Apparel (similar or dress in this lace pattern)

Satchel: Michael Kors (seen here)

Pumps: Kenneth Cole (on SALE!)

Accessories: Joe Fresh belt, Guess watch, Forever 21 earrings (gift from Aurora)

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  1. wow – that skirt is to die for! 🙂

    marija from

  2. That is a good mantra to have! That skirt is stunning!

  3. a touch of vivian

    I love your style so much, Shin!!! I’m totally in love with your skirt 🙂 Love love love!! Btw, I subscribed to your blog via email subscription because I don’t wanna miss any posts haha! Happy Thursday 🙂 xox

    • THANK YOU so much, Vivian! That is so sweet, I just subscribed to yours as well! I love love love your style as well, but some of them I can only admire them, cause I don’t think I can pull it off as good as you….

      • a touch of vivian

        Hi Shin! Sorry for my late reply.. Thank you for subscribing to my blog as well! You’re so sweet 🙂 Haha, you think so? I think you can even wear it much better than me, because you’ve got a GREAT sense of style! Btw, I tagged you on instagram, did u receive the notification already?:) Can’t wait to see your bag wishlist! xo

  4. This is such a lovely outfit – you have such great style! 🙂

  5. Wow, that skirt is killer! Such a beautiful outfit!

  6. That skirt!! ❤ You look fabulous!

  7. I love the combination of colors in this outfit! Great look!


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