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The Shorter Me :: Drop-waist Dress

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Happy Saturday everyone! Thank you so much for those of you who already participated in the GIVEAWAY that I started few days ago. Can’t wait to find out who’s the lucky winner of that gorgeous necklace.


Personally, I have an innate fear of any fashion styles that would make the petite me look even shorter. Who doesn’t, right? A good example would be the drop waist dresses that got so popular in Spring 2012. I adore the the style so much because it has that 1920’s throwback silhouette and it looks quite cute with the shorter skirt length. However, I knew it’s not for my body type and I’d only admire those who are tall and slender looking good in these dresses. I’d never dreamt that I would own one until I saw this dress. The usual me would just take a glance at this gorgeously printed drop-waist dress and walk away with a sigh. But I don’t know what happened me the other day that I actually had the urge to try it on. Good thing I did, because I just fell in love with this dress the moment I saw myself in the mirror. Love, love, love the paisley print, different tone of blue, pleated skirt and the light chiffon fabric! Yes, maybe I look a bit shorter in this dress, but who cares, because I’m really that short. HAHAHA!





What do you think about the drop-waisted dress? Is it a style that you would wear and how would you wear it? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and HAPPY MAMA DAY! ❤


Dress: LOFT

Sandals: ALDO (old)

Clutch: ALDO (old)

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  1. This is such a cute dress! I really like all of the designs and the style on you. Also I do not think it makes you look short at all!

  2. Lovely, it suits you. The print is beautiful, I like the fun pleated skirt!

  3. Cute! I would wear just like you, OR with faded denim and tough boots.

  4. Super cute! I think you look great in it 😉 And I too love a drop waist dress!!!

  5. I don’t think it makes you look short either. It looks great! Beautiful print, too. I love your blog and I’ll totally be keeping up with it! 🙂

  6. I’m only 5’3″ and I would definitely wear this, love the print too!

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  8. This looks very cute! It doesn’t make you look short at all:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  9. I thought I had commented on this outfit post,. but I gues I didn’t. WOW! What a great outfit, you look amazing 😀 I want that dres!!

  10. michellelinettelim

    Followed back! 🙂 Love your style and photos! This dress is gorgeous!!


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