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Coriander SS’13 :: Look #2

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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far.


Continuing on my project for Coriander, here’s the second look that I’ve created. When putting together this outfit, I’d imagined myself at a fab summer resort, enjoying the breeze and beautiful scenery, and having a romantic dinner by the beach with the love one. Totally inspired by the ladies in the Sex and the City huh! LOL



Style: As described by my girl friend as “goddess”, “flowing”, “mod colour palette”, “retro print”, and “Pucci meets Mount Olympus”. Thanks, Jane!

Key items: A maxi dress with the right style for your body figure, scale and height.

Things to look for:

Fit and snug – most long garments can easily make you look shorter. The trick here is to select a style that is well-cut – that means choose a full-length dress that sits snugly to your body figure – especially around the hips and thighs. And not least, around your waist (or below the bust).

The V-shaped neckline – it works wonders in elongating the body figure for those who are petite, and also create a vertical line that makes you look leaner. Who doesn’t like this?!

Details and prints – select prints that are scaled to your body frame- smaller prints for petite and larger prints for plus size. If you’re unsure, go with neutral.

Fabric – avoid too-clingy fabrics that “grab” you in the wrong place. Find one that drapes better on the body and make sure you choose a dress with some flow to it, so that it sway nicely when you move.


Footwear – strappy sandals in a neural and simple style suit the long dress look the best. If you need some height or for a more formal look, open-toe, strappy pumps or wedges is the choice.

Belt – if you have a dress that are loose-fitted and look boxy, adding a belt around your waist (right below your bust or around the thinnest part of your waistline) will make you look 5 lbs lighter. Choosing the right belt will also give a whole new feel to your outfit – making it look well-polished and chic.

Necklace or bracelets – avoid anything too glitzy. Let your maxi dress be the statement!


Isn’t it pretty obvious now why I chose this gorgeous paisley turquoise dress! Ingenue London is by far my favourite fashion label for maxi dresses. All the dresses made is designed to flatter the feminine figure for women of all ages and different styles. It’s elegant and wearable, and most importantly, it’s so comfortable! Love the fabric!!




Thank you so much for reading! Please show some love by ‘follow’ or ‘like’ my blog/post. Oh, and don’t forget about the ladies at Coriander, they don’t bite! :p


Maxi dress: Ingenue London from Coriander

Hat: Andre – Diffusions from Coriander

Pumps: Michael Kors (similar)

Clutch: ALDO (old)

Accessories: ALDO bracelets (old)

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  1. Hey Shin. Love the pop of orange!

  2. Hey Shin, thanks for your tips and tricks.I haven’t seen much maxi dresses that I like so far, probably because I think the mini dresses are more suitable for my posture. And I haven’t had an opportunity where it was obligatory to wear a maxi dress. But I will remenber this.

    I love your shoes by the way!

    • You’re very welcome! I wasn’t a fan of maxi dresses too until I found this brand. So no hurry, take your time to find a perfect one!


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