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Coriander SS’13 :: Look #1

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Hello darlings! Hope you are doing well. Remember I mentioned in my previous post about a project that I can’t wait to share it with you guys? Well, after working on it the last few days, I’m ready to reveal it! (Drum roll, please!) TA DAAAA! My very first collaboration with a local boutique – CORIANDER, a beautiful clothing, home and gift store, located in the heart of downtown Guelph, Ontario.

Coriander has always been my favourite clothing store in this little town where I called home. One of my favourite purchase from Coriander is this beautiful maxi dress from last Spring. They carry the most unique pieces that you can’t find in a mall. I was thrilled when Sarah, the owner of Coriander agreed let me on board with this project, which is to create a Spring/Summer lookbook exclusively for them. I had this light bulb moment when I was browsing through their website and all I see is their super cute and unique home decor and gift items. Then I thought to myself what if I volunteer to help them to showcase their amazing clothing and fashion accessories. So I proposed this idea to my lovely friend, Jane, who is a also a sales associates at Coriander and says she will run it by Sarah. Voila! Here I am with the first look for their Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook.







Style: Feminine, romantic

Key items: Anything that’s soft, delicate and flowy

Thing to look for: Smooth fabric (lightweight and sheer fabrics like chiffon, delicate cottons, lace, satin and silks); soft palette (light hues such as white, cream, nude, lavender, pale yellow and baby blue); delicate patterns and prints (flower petals, little birdies or bows); ruffles, frills and ‘girlie’ trims (bows and ribbons)

Accessories: Refined and whimsical jewelry pieces; delicate vintage pieces like string of pearls; dainty shoes with a little heels


Thank you so much for reading and hope you like this post! Stay tune for look #2. If you live around Guelph, please drop by Coriander and I’m sure you will be surprised by their treasures. If you’re too far away, how about showing some love by checking out their well-designed Coriander’s website and Facebook! See you soon:)


Dress: Nic and Zoe from Coriander

Cardigan: Nic and Zoe from Coriander

Ferdora: Grace Hat from Coriander

Heels: Arturo Chang

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  1. Congratulations Shin! I do like that store. One of Faith’s favorite stuffed animals is from there. She wouldn’t let me leave the store without it! And, LOVE the chapeau!!

    • Thanks Thea! Ohh, their stuffed toys and kids items are amazing:) Oh, you’ll look so good in those chapeau too! Check out their summer hats!

  2. Congratulations! 😀 And I really looooove, love your style!

  3. So gorgeous! This is an inspiring example of how to reach out to the brands you’re passionate about! Way to go 🙂

    Love from Victoria, BC


  4. I love this post. How inventive of you to help out a local boutique and your viewers.
    I like more colorful clothing, but somehow it suites you well. Carry on girl!

    • Thank you! Well, I love to support local business and also new designers, I think they deserve some recognition and credits for their great work. I love colourful clothing too as you can see on most of my post, but I can’t neglect the pastel soft colours when it come to pretty fashion pieces!


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