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Full Bloom :: Bubble Skirt & Red Trench Coat

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The long waiting Spring has finally arrived, it hit 10+ degree Celcius yesterday. Of course I was super excited to dress up for a day out with Mr. Photographer. We decided to take the kiddo along with us this time, referring to my baby sister, brother and Cody(my fur baby), for a trip to Niagara Falls. Long story short, it’s lots of fun and I was so ready for bed the moment we left the restaurant after dinner.

As for the outfit, I wanted something fun and bright to celebrate the warm weather. Hence, the bubble skirt with the over-sized hibiscus at the front and back, pairing it with a darker tone blouse for contrast. The bright red trench coat and comfy boots definitely come in handy as the temperature dropped drastically after sunset. Oh, dressing for the so called “transitional season” is quite something…DSC_0527





Cody is doing what he does the best – entertaining kids πŸ™‚



Happy Easter! Have fun searching for those hidden eggs!

Thank you so much for reading. xoxo ShinΒ 

~ Outfit ~

Blouse: ZARA

Skirt: Desigual

Trench Coat: H&M

Boots: La Canadienne

Purse: Michael Kors

Accessories: ZARA necklace, Folli Follie watch

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  1. The red trenchcoat is beautiful, and you look great. Lucky you to have such a good photographer πŸ˜‰ Beautiful pictures, hope you had a great easter.


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