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Love at First Sight :: Structured Satchel

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It ‘s been a while I haven’t had love at first sight for a handbag until I saw this Michael Kors Selma satchel few weeks ago. Here I am, taking the beauty out for a spin. I always adore a handbag with structural design because the clean lines tends to lend a put-together vibe to any look. It was a tough decision though as I debate to get the one in black or white. Anyhow, I ended up taking home the white one, thinking that it would be perfect for spring. But I changed my mind right after. Honestly, I’m a clumsy person that I will ruin this beautiful white saffiano leather satchel in no time with either pen ink or who knows. Hence, I exchanged for a black one. No regret  at all – it’s classic and elegant! The pink and green one is just as beautiful and fun, perfect for spring/summer or if you’re one who tends to wear darker or neutral colour, this would be a great investment to add a pop of colour to your outfit .





My favourite updo – quick and easy!



Thank you so much for reading! Let me know if you also have a love at first sight item that ended up in your collection recently:)

~ Outfit ~

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar)

Jeans: Mendocino

Satchel: Michael Kors

Heels: Summit

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  1. love the shirt!

  2. I too love the shirt! The bag is gorge!! Maybe I will buy white and we can swap. Just bought the hottest shoes, so no bag for me thos month 😦

  3. I love MK bags! I don’t own one, but I’ve got a yellow MK wallet. I really like your outfit, I like the red blazer. It’s such a pretty outfit!

    • Thanks again, Christina. Ahh, I’ve been drying to own a MK wallet too. But this satchel comes first:) Can’t wait to see more of your creation!

  4. maitesimplicityandstyle

    Just found your blog 🙂
    Love the outfit .. so classy & so elegant!
    I started my blog 2 days ago, so if you want follow me too!!

  5. Lovely outfit, I see you’ve got that MK satchel in black and white 🙂

    • Yeah, I just couldn’t resist myself! They’re too pretty. Now I want the one in red-orange colour! Gonna save up first!


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