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Pink :: Dress Coat

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HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! This special day calls for a little romance. Here’s a little inspiration for you ladies out there – a pink dress coat that can be worn as a dress or coat, pair it with some cute accessories, and you’re ready for a date!



I love this coat because of the unique draping. but without the belt to cinch the waist, I might look like I’m few months pregnant.  Belts are one of  the wardrobe essentials, it can define and create a waist as well as curve, and instantly polishes your outfit. You can also use it to update the shape of a loose top or dress, but make sure you find the right one to match your body shape and outfit. Good Luck!




~ Outfit~

Sweater: Costa Blanca

Coat: Katie

Tights: Suzy Shier

Boots: Material Girl

Clutch: Ce-lab

Accessories: LOFT headband, Costa Blanca belt

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  1. Thank you for the pointers. I have a really pretty royal blue trenchcoat, I really love and it reminds me of your pink dress coat. I’ll post it for you to see later on. I just love bright colours on jackets and coats! 🙂 You look great btw 😉

  2. this combo makes me happy: nice color and boots, and of course your lovely smile! carry on!


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