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It's time for a fresh start

With a tidbit of nervousness and uncertainty, just like first day back to school – didn’t know what to expect, I have ‘invaded’ the blogsphere once again. As for those who have followed my previous blog – Delectable Duo, you know I’ve been away for the longest time. Guilty!!! I missed you guys!

Many things have happened while I ‘disappeared’, from starting a full time job to getting engaged to my Mr. Photographer. During this time, I’ve reflected on blogging and contemplated (many times) if I should start my own blog.  While blogging, things that I’ve always doubt with – Am I good enough to share my fashion ideas? Will my readers feel inspired through my work? Do I have time for all this? English and writing isn’t my forte, bla bla bla… Well, my daddy always say:”Don’t worry about what others think, do it if you like it; you’re doing it for yourself, not for others…”

Now, I’m ready to challenge myself, to learn and to enjoy this passion and hobby of mine. With all the support from my soon-to-be hubby, family and friends, here I am writing my first post.

Dear readers, please drop me a line if you’d wish or frequent me at my new home:)

Cheers! Shin

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  1. be the first to like! hihihihi

  2. It’s me, Thiện – your Mr. Photographer’s cousin. ^^ Glad to see your own blog here! Best luck and wish you a coming-true dream! 🙂

  3. No matter how my dear I will always support and follow you~~~

  4. yay! looking forward to more amazing posts from you. =)

  5. I have the same uncertainties!!! Go us for going out on a limb 🙂


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